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    Video Views by JC: Vox Rea – Dufferin Ave.

    Vox Rea, a triplet set from Van City, just dropped the third in a line of latest singles.

    Though named after a gritty bender on a grittier street, Dufferin Ave. is really a serenade to late Toronto nights. A blurry afternoon spent in three different time lines, the trio sip red koolaid and scooter down suburban backstreets, while their counterparts party in hotel rooms and take infomercial pharma drugs. The dizzy cross cuts are held together by Vox Rea themselves. Solemn faced and decorated in stickers, their friendship is evident in every frame through a twirl of synchronized limbs and voices. Though the video avoids urban scenes, the track was written and inspired by a bender weekend in the core – splitting a mickey in an Airbnb being the height of the Toronto experience lately.

    The band claim to be written ‘for you,’ and their efforts are appreciated. Sip on Dufferin Ave. and tell me it doesn’t have you drowning in bathtub water and cereal milk.