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    Video Views by JC: Lamb’s Wool

    Drifting further ashore from the electro-pop hits that made them, Foster The People dive into their most authentic release yet.

    A garish splash of neon, the video for Lamb’s Wool begins with falling off cliff on a date, and ends up in a one dimensional reality in the fetal position. An unlikely love song, the video is a psychedelic nightmare. Saving you from melting cat skeletons and bits of deconstructed anatomy is Mark Foster’s voice – a firm warm hand amidst the chaos. As binaural bass filters from ear to ear distilled through the climbing, spiralling hallucinogenic electronica, a downtempo piano melody reveals a somber undertone.

    Though firmly rooted in newly a newly staked psychedelia, Lamb’s Wool is much like breakout hit Pumped Up Kicks: the music hides the message. Written about the experience of loss, the track explores love beyond the limits of life. While the visuals in Lamb’s Wool leave you wishing you could pull something over your eyes, the ride is worth the price of admission.