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    Video Views by JC: Genevieve Stokes – Parking Lot

    Genevieve Stokes is nineteen, and her lyrics aren’t hiding it.

    Already compared to songwriting contemporaries like Cat Power and Regina Spektor, Stokes practices the art of female-perspective storytelling by studying her idols. Though new release Parking Lot plumbs the cringeworthy depths of teenage obsession with an directness that could only be described as youthful, Stokes buries the lead in smokey, well practiced vocals well beyond her bearing. Paired with a knowing blend of what she calls “the organic and the electronic,” she creates a sweetness that fizzes up in the nose, leaving a sting.

    The music video is a good match to its inspiration; keeping a dreamy pace, the scenery is glazed in evening tones and long shadows- and despite a few detours through the cemetery, stays in the lighter end of the woods. A quick cruise through your hometown in the back of a pickup truck, Parking Lot is sure to stir up strong feelings.

    Take a ride and check out Genevieve Stokes.