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    Putting the spotlight on tagging

    With the popularity and effectiveness of Direct Response growing ever stronger, many agencies have added direct-to-consumer options to the repertoire of campaign choices available to their clients. Direct response campaigns ask consumers for an immediate call-to-action to purchase a product or service by including unique “tags”, such as 1-800 numbers, websites (URL’s), or SMS text messaging. Each unique tag enables the client to track the success of a spot or infomercial by station and market.

    The agency is responsible for the creative direction of a DRTV campaign, specifically what kind of tags will be included, where/when the tag is placed in the commercial, how many times it should appear on screen, and how complex the tag should be. Yangaroo is then brought on board to perform the tagging and/or voiceover work and deliver the media to broadcasters for air.

    These tags can be static (pops on and off the screen) or animated (moves about the screen, changes colour, etc.) or can simply be shown on screen throughout the entire commercial.  Tags may also include voice-over to accompany the unique call-to-action information displayed.

    Our Customized Bundle pricing makes it easy.

    Besides the type of tag, the early planning of the campaign should also determine how much the client expects to spend on post-production work and ultimately, delivery – how many markets does the campaign need to reach? These factors should be considered when initially deciding on the strategic direction of the campaign as each can have a significant effect on the scope and estimated cost of the project. Our Customized Bundle pricing makes this process more straightforward by including customization and delivery to each station for one discounted rate.

    So as these pre-production elements are being established, when is the best time to bring Yangaroo on board?

    The earlier the better – especially if the tags require animation or are of a complex design. Tags can be automatically created using a product like Telestream or, if the tagging is animated and more complicated, post-production editing software may be used. Responsible for setting up and creating these tagged spots, Yangaroo has the necessary equipment, software, and experience to complete the job on time and exceed the expected production value. 

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    We also offer additional production services, such as closed captioning, watermarking or encoding, and delivery of the finished media to stations and networks. Our expansive broadcast delivery footprint will ensure access to all markets on your media buy with delivery confirmation and follow-up services included.

    Utilizing Yangaroo’s one-stop-shop approach for tagging, closed captioning, and delivery is less expensive, has a faster turnaround, and is more convenient for you and your client. From the initial planning stage to the campaign’s completion, Yangaroo will not only provide comprehensive customer service but stay attentive to details and responsive to the project’s changing needs.

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