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    Video Views by JC: Chet Faker “Get High”

    Nick Murphy is tired of being Nick Murphy. Again.

    The Australian artist previously known as Chet Faker made waves in 2014-16, rolling onto airwaves with deep funky beats and big sexy vibes. After retiring the musical alter-personality in order to step out of the shadow of the persona he created and re-introduce himself to the world as, well, himself – Nick Murphy is back AGAIN as Chet Faker. Confused? Just imagine you became famous for embracing being super cool, got lost in it a little, then started to question if being cool is even that cool anyway, so you changed your name back to the one you were born with, only to end up missing the show pony of coolness that started it all. As the man himself admits, old projects die hard.

    The multi-instrumentalist expresses his range in contrasts. 2020’s transcendent single Low is a peaceful counterpart to the newest and more ambitious offering. With a grinding baseline that pops in and out under the beat nearly erratically, Get High lends honesty to Chet’s signature vibe. The video is watery paint splat of colour and motion, and truly a hot mess in the best sense of the phrase. An unabashed ode to self-serving behaviours, the track feels as good as you’d expect.

    Hang out for awhile and Get High with an old friend, while the rest of us wait on an LP.