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    Now offering over 5,000 unique destinations for Infomercials

    Who isn’t familiar with the standard 15 or 30 second TV commercial – quick, exciting, and meant to capture our increasingly short attention span. But there is another often-overlooked form of advertising called an infomercial. Ranging anywhere from 3 to 60 minutes, infomercials  have been around for decades and offer a much different experience than your typical 15-30 second TV commercial.

    Meant to feed our growing immediate need for more information, infomercials provide viewers with an in-depth look at a product, including its features and benefits – basically a long product presentation a consumer seeks out to help influence their purchasing decisions. As consumers become increasingly information and tech savvy, the effectiveness of the infomercial continues to gain in popularity with advertisers and their clients alike.

    Lets manage & deliver your infomercials.

    15-30 second TV advertising was typically delivered by Yangaroo since its conception back in 2016, but as we grew, so did the demand for delivery of infomercial content. You asked and we listened! Over the past few years, our Station Services team has been working tirelessly to get our infomercial footprint as robust and expansive as our 15-30 second TV commercial reach. Now with nearly 5,000 additional infomercial destinations online and many hopping onboard daily, our infomercial footprint continues to grow substantially as we say goodbye to expensive tapes and courier delivery.

    Yangaroo also offers one-stop-shop which includes customization of infomercial spots (adding 1-800 numbers, URL’s, voice-overs, and call-to-actions) as well as any encoding, watermarking, audio description, or closed captioning services required before delivery.

    Our experienced in-house video team provides a quick turnaround, getting each spot versioned and approved before sending the media via our online delivery platform to infomercial broadcasters. Our Customized Bundle pricing makes this process even more straightforward by including customization and delivery to each station for one discounted rate. Need to send infomercial spots without any customization? No problem here, our competitive infomercial delivery rates will ensure your spots get where they need to go worry-free.

    Not sure if your infomercial destination is online for delivery? Or wondering how our infomercial pricing can save you money? Contact us now to find out!

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