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    Video Views by JC: John Carpenter – Alive After Death

    Horror film auteur John Carpenter returns with another instalment in the soundtrack to your personal nightmare.

    John Carpenter has always understood how to set a scene. Known both for cruel twists of fate and spooky echoes in dark alleys, the synth sorcerer himself returns after a four year hiatus to induce some new dread. 2015’s Lost Themes was Carpenter’s first album not written explicitly for a soundtrack, where he explored instead the desolate landscapes of his mind. Ever influential, the full length instrumental album was quickly remixed by contemporary dark wave and industrial artists like Prurient and Blanck Mass, with a snappy follow up chasing close behind in 2016’s Lost Themes II.

    Music video for Alive After Death, a teaser single to you guessed it – Lost Themes III: Alive After Death – goes all the way down. A hooded subway-goer tosses a coin to a dead train conductor to get to the other side, and in turn gets a little more than he bargained for. Vividly summoned by artist Boneface, the video captures the creeps of a dark hallucination in gorgeously lurid, horror-comic reminiscent illustrations.

    Explore the afterlife soon, Lost Themes the third is out February 5th.