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    Video Views by JC: Rone – Esperanza

    Often creating soundscapes of startlingly evocative progressive elements balanced with an undertone of knowing melancholy, French electronic music producer Erwan Castex (Rone) has returned to his roots in 2020, with some much needed purely instrumental electronic music in album Room With A View. Simultaneously uplifting and somber, his tracks peak at a dizzying height, leaving the listener on a wholly new plane. After all, it’s not the destination, but the the churning tribal elements of the journey that are all part of the fun.

    The music video for Esperanza lifts off on a visual flight along with the plodding war-march underscoring the track. As with the video for international hit Bye Bye Macadam, Rone uses the limitless bounds of illustrative art to express his vision. Through vistas and living rooms and all of humanity’s past and potential future realties, Esperanza pulses with the fire of a thousand footsteps. Using an actual audio sample taken of dancers of the Ballet National de Marseille walking in unison, the track encourages the always rebellious fight for optimism. Dance along.