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    Video Views by JC: Rei Ami “Mac & Cheese”

    The self-proclaimed sassy little b*tch is back.

    Move over music festivals, the YouTube concert is always on, where alt-pop indie artists are lauded for being so bold as to capture our attention and anything goes, so long as its new. South Korean spit fire (puns intended) REI AMI is the newest evolution of female rappers showing up to shake it up. Following in the footsteps of hip hop genre bender Audrey Nuna, a Korean American with a flow smoother than an oil slick – REI AMI is carving her own niche with boldly contrasting musical styles that collide on the same track and leave you craving a second helping.

    After a percussive start, MAC & CHEESE drops into a downtempo switch up featuring Rei’s vocal range, popping back up into swaggadocious rap with a baseline thicker than cheddar. This juxtaposition reflects her namesake; made up in equal parts of nice and naughty, she plucks her name from Sailor Moon characters with the personas to match – Rei being the sweet to Ami’s salty.  Breakout hit SNOWCONE had a similar schtick, the novelty of real rap skills and sweet harmony serving REI AMI five mill+ Youtube views and launching her into stardom in 2019. A less gross-out version of WAP, REI AMI serves IDGAF vibes with a side of class in MAC & CHEESE.

    Cutesy gangster rap has arrived. Pass the Sriracha.