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    Attn: Radio – EZ Downloads are Here!


    EZ Downloads are a new option that allows recipients of new music to download tracks and other assets seamlessly through their favourite web browser (eg. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, etc.) with one-click. No app, plugin, or software required.

    YANGAROO Music DMDS is the first and only professional promotional music servicing platform to offer streaming and downloading via email notifications, and is now providing app-free downloads directly from your cloud-based music library.


    On your Preferences page (click your name at the top-right to access), simply change Delivery Type to DMDS Web, save preferences, and done!

    Now, when you click the download buttons in your Library, the files will automatically download to your browser’s default download folder, and depending on your settings, also appear at the bottom of your browser. Yes, it’s that EZ!


    We’ve been asking our valued radio programmer users what would make their lives easier, listened, and went to work making updates and improvements. The ability to access and download new music from without the need to install and download an app was at the top of the wishlist, so EZ Downloads are here! Stay tuned for lots more to come.


    This option is available to everyone with a music recipient account. Here’s what some have had to say so far:

    “The new way to access music via DMDS is smooth for both Mac and PC users. Great update!” – Alan Cross, 102.1 The Edge, A Journal of Musical Things

    “Really like the new (download) delivery system. Clean, simple, speeds the process up a lot for me personally.” – Jon Williams, WhatsThatRadio.com (formerly The Zone 91.3)

    “I do like the fact that the music will download immediately and not have to go into a separate downloader.” – Mike Downey, 98.1 Charlotte FM

    “The direct download from the website worked well for me… it’s nice to be able to not have your download manager start up every time I use my computer, whether I’m using it or not.” – Patrick Mooney, CBC Radio


    Now! Feel free to give it a try and let us know what you think.