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    The art & delivery of Direct Response TV advertising

    Direct Response (DR) marketing is all about fast-tracking consumer engagement, and that means packaging your value proposition with an immediate call-to-action (CTA).

    From the first mail-order catalog by Montgomery Ward in 1872 to today’s most familiar TV infomercials, DR has given advertisers the ability to quickly bring new products to market while directly tracking and measuring the impact of these efforts.

    For the last several years, Yangaroo has been a proud member and sponsor of the PDMI (The Performance Driven Marketing Institute). 

    The PDMI is the leading association for Direct Marketing professionals. It describes itself as “promoting, protecting, and advancing its members — who lead the performance-driven and direct-to-consumer marketing world — through networking, education, advocacy, and marketing.” www.thepdmi.com 

    Yangaroo regularly attends PDMI’s networking events on both coasts over the last few years. It’s been a great learning experience coupled with the pleasure of meeting and greeting both new and industry-veteran marketers, agencies, producers, and business owners. Being a regular Sponsor of PDMI’s events has enabled Yangaroo and our expert DR team to demonstrate our focused DR services onsite to a niche industry that has typically had little choice in ad distribution suppliers till now.  

    Many of our clients’ direct marketing campaigns require Yangaroo to first customize short-form spots and long-form content by adding in unique 800 numbers, URL’s, voice-overs, call-to-actions, or captioning to a base master. Our knowledgeable in-house video team provides a quick turnaround, getting each spot versioned and approved before sending the media via our connected platform to broadcasters. Yangaroo’s “customized bundle” pricing makes this process even more straightforward by including customization and delivery to each station for one discounted rate.

    Let’s talk about those 30:00 “infomercials”… those of us who remember to know that it wasn’t so long ago when it was nearly impossible to send anything longer than a 2-minute spot electronically to stations. If you were ready to send your new half-hour or hour-long infomercial to air, it was likely that physical tapes had to be made and shipped to broadcasters via FedEx or UPS, which was time-consuming and expensive. Most TV stations just weren’t set up to receive long-form content digitally into their short-form workflow. Happily, that’s all changed, and as more and more broadcasters updated their processes and came online for receiving long-format, we were right on board. We significantly expanded our network to easily include sending 15:00, 30:00, or 60:00 content directly into broadcast traffic operation centers.  

    We have been able to witness first-hand the fantastic success of so many of our Direct Response clients. An extraordinary story to share is when Yangaroo began working with a small, relatively unknown company back in 2017 who wanted to test their new skin product in a few US markets. In just three short years, that product is now arguably one of the largest, well-known, successful DR brands that have exploded into nearly every market in the USA and Canada. 

    Today, they continue to produce both short-form and long-form advertising content to expand their reach while bringing even more innovative products to the consumer. Yangaroo is still proud to be a part of that journey and excited to watch their continued growth!

    If you’d like to learn more about Yangaroo’s Direct Response ad delivery services, including customizable tagging, VO’s, captioning, and distribution for short-form and long-form media, please contact us at [email protected] or drop us a note using our clever chatbot.

    See you on TV!

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