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    Video Views by JC: Peaches – Flip This

    The ElectroPunk queen of angry synths is back.

    A Torontonian known globally for her anthemic series of party-crushing tracks, challenging messaging, and undeniable stage presence- Peaches is by definition, iconic. Although it’s been five years since her last LP, the record producer, visual artist and rapper falls into a rare subset of musicians that are instantly recognizable by elder millennials and Gen Z’rs alike. New release Flip This fits the bill for her musical MO. Mesmerizing pulses of her drum machine rattle and punch to life, backing an auditory assault that inspires all forms of audience participation. Slam-dancing and vulgarities are welcome here.

    The music video for Flip This dares you to flinch. Shot from her studio in Berlin, Peaches stares us down through a phone camera with no filter, executing a one-take one-woman performance with only the aid of a few flashing lights and a stunningly committed mullet to lend their solidarity. Ever the fashionista, she morphs from a colourful blob of Kindergarten paint into a spiky cloud of Mad-Max lingerie with ease. If the vibe feels uncomfortable, that might be the point. Though she claims the song is a personal call to action, it attempts no subterfuge in its message. Peaches has never been one to mince words. Check out Flip This to witness a legend at work.