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    Video Views by JC: Amy Allen “Difficult”

    Amy Allen is finally singing for herself.

    If making the Forbes formidable “30 Under 30” list this year wasn’t a positive sign from the universe to take things to the next level, nothing could be. The musician has spent her formative years watching the action from somewhere exit stage left. Known for her songwriting credits with music label darlings like Selena Gomez, Halsey and Camila Cabello (the list does goes on) Allen took the spotlight for the first time only recently.

    Calling the experience of writing for herself “refreshing,” her first single Queen Of Silver Linings is a heart-wrenching minimalist ballad. By no means a mover and a shaker, the timeless track could nevertheless easily draw comparisons to influential 70’s song makers Carole King or Dolly Parton. Her newest release is Difficult – a grungy pop-rock 90’s throwback in the key of The Cardigans or Sheryl Crow. A satirical take on the ambitious and uncompromising woman in all of her commonly held faults and shortcomings, Allen bounces her irritating habits in personal relationships in their head. The music video is a Hitchcockian paranoid nightmare, and adds an air of sincerity to the popping vibe.  Her upcoming, as of yet undisclosed next album is on it’s way, keep your eyes on Amy Allen before this star shoots right on by.