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    Delivering the largest TV political ad campaign ever seen.

    The election is less than three months away, and the 2020 political ad war is heating up again as the candidates take their cases to the electorate with national, local TV, and cable buys. We understand budgets needing to be carefully managed because frequent message changes mean more last-minute spot revisions, which means no room for errors or missed airtime.


    Knowing the requirements of agencies representing candidates and initiatives is critical to the success of these campaigns. Using best practices to assess each client’s specific needs, Yangaroo has built a service model that exceeds expectations at every turn.


    Recently Yangaroo successfully delivered some of the most extensive TV advertising campaigns the industry has ever seen across the USA. We managed and delivered political campaigns to nearly 1,000 broadcasters on every order. It was massive. We were able to provide immediate delivery to destinations across the country 24/7, and our focused effort resulted in 100% success for on-air deliverables.

    This achievement was duly recognized by our valued client, by some of our peers, and even by our competitors.

    Whether you are working with a local, statewide, or national candidate, here are some of the many benefits of using Yangaroo for your political spot distribution:

    • 100% footprint connects directly to every USA broadcast destination (TV, Radio, Digital, Social, Out-Of-Home) 
    • Expert Quality Control review of spots upon arrival, closed captioning + free encoding as needed
    • Immediate delivery to stations once approved to distribute
    • Proof of delivery reports to verify spots were sent/received
    • Guaranteed competitive rates, with customized, same-day invoicing
    • 24/7 service, no rush or late fees – self-service option available too!
    • Highest level of security

    Our team is designed to service campaigns and candidates with the highest level of customer care, efficiency, and commitment. Our platform is ideal for radically reducing the time, effort, and high costs typically spent on getting time-sensitive political spots to stations quickly and on spec.

    Contact us at [email protected] for a demo and rate proposal to successfully get your next TV and radio political campaign out there!

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