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    Video Views by JC: Duckwrth – Coming Closer ft. G.L.A.M and Julia Romana

    Duckwrth is a different man from one song to the next.

    A musical chameleon, his rise to fame in 2015 can be credited in part to the release of Nowhere – a daringly original album made possible by a collaboration with the original genre blaster: Alex Fitts of The Kickdrums. Nowhere gave Duckwrth’s lyricals the optimal platform, served up in an enmeshment of alt rock, electronic and hip hop so inventive it defied categorization. Not one to sit on his hands, each solo album Duckwrth has released since has managed to pushed boundaries. Immediately welcomed into the fold of the zeitgeist, it’s his mutability that defines his artistry, with projects consistently popping up in films, commercials, TV series, and ad campaigns with notable regularity.

    Undefinable yet recognizable, Duckwrth serves up a much needed sultry dance floor shaker in Coming Closer. The track is a disco ball of positivity, embracing the potential of the moment. Rapper G.L.A.M adds heat to the duet as she passes verses to Duckwrth in a sweet relay that culminates in a teaser to Duckwrth’s upcoming – and as of yet undisclosed – next album, which he plans to dedicate exclusively to Black women everywhere.

    Check out Coming Closer to feel next to something good.