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    Remember those days in the past when times seemed simpler? Well, given the current pandemic, it does seem that we have come full circle and have arrived back to those simpler times. More time at home, less busy having to drive or fly somewhere for work or for home. Even now not going into the office every day has given us back some time, right? Staying safe this summer may find you hanging out in the backyard.

    Pool time is the best summer-time!

    Speaking with the Yangaroo team, we all agree that one of the most enjoyable times is having fun in the backyard pool, in the summertime. Whether it is yours, or a close relative or friend, or even a community pool we could visit, it was all the same. Swimming, jumping, diving, and playing with inflatable beach balls skimming across the water was a perfect way to pass the time. So given the times and many of us now working more remotely while we get on top of this pandemic, staying safe this summer is probably best hanging out in the backyard, hopefully by the pool. If you don’t have access to a pool, then under a tree with a cocktail listening to some fresh music is just as sweet.

    Work-From-Home. How’s it going?

    Now that it’s summer, the kids are home, and you are challenged with working remotely while ensuring home and work life co-exists in harmony – we understand the challenges it brings. We asked our Director of Sales, Theresa Weed on the East coast, how do you do it?

    Theresa said, “It’s all about routine and discipline. Spending time focusing on the job at hand and the daily tasks you work through with your clients and prospects demands focus, but then having the appropriate breaks to keep your home in sync is just as important. Mixing both is challenging, but when you find the right balance, it can also be gratifying. What makes this whole process easy is my access to the DMDS platform, which transparently shows and notifies me of every order that my clients are managing and delivering – in real-time! It’s just fantastic. I’m in touch with the whole client experience, and a part of every order decision, making sure every order and delivery is run as smoothly as my clients have come to expect!”

    “What makes this whole process easy is my access to the DMDS platform, which transparently shows and notifies me of every order that my clients are managing and delivering – in real-time!”.

    Yangaroo has embraced the Work-From-Home (WFH) culture since before it was necessary. We have always adopted a Work-From-Anywhere culture, embracing the idea that the very best talent doesn’t have to be found in one city or location. So, building a platform not just for our clients, but as importantly building a platform for our staff, was crucial to our success. 

    So, what are you waiting for? We hope you enjoy our one-off Yangaroo beach ball (we’ve kept our postman busy!), get back into your pool, stay safe, and make sure you get the best quality time with your family.

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    Please have a great summer, and we wish you all a safe and productive season.

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