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    Why TV & radio broadcasters LOVE Yangaroo

    At Yangaroo, we’ve taken a different approach to the affiliate (aka broadcasters) destination concepts than most other options in the ad delivery space. Todd Barkes, VP of Operations, takes a look at the destination side of our services.

    We are connected directly with every TV & radio broadcaster in North America.

    Let’s start with the results of our effort; Yangaroo is one of a few delivery companies that has achieved a 100% footprint. Working individually with each destination allowed us to understand unique destination requirements and workflows. Yangaroo has connected all required TV and radio destinations and thousands of additional non-broadcast destinations to manage other content such as TV promos, long-form content, TV traffic instructions, music videos, and direct-response infomercials. We have a network that extends beyond North America by increasing our destination reach across Central and South America. Yangaroo’s delivery network is immense and continues to grow every day.

    So how did we do it?

    Firstly, we needed to work with the broadcasters more than they needed to work with us, so showing up, offering an FTP folder (with an IP address and login credentials) to access and retrieve their spots and video simply wasn’t good enough. When using a FTP workflow, the tracking and auditing is too rudimentary, and the risks of error were much higher than acceptable. Corrupted files, not enough metadata, not enough check stops along the way to track and notify the appropriate stakeholders wasn’t available. Furthermore, security and protection wasn’t at a industry acceptable level.

    To better understand the broadcaster and other destinations’ needs and ‘add value’ when delivering content, a delivery service must invest and build solutions to meet industry best practices and stakeholders’ needs. So, that’s what we did. Here’s our three-point strategy in making sure we have the best connectivity in the market.

    [1] Provide Customizable Connectivity.

    Rather than putting the burden on the destination to work with a small list of limited workflows or file selections, Yangaroo has spent the last decade building one of the best footprints in the North American Advertising distribution space. How may you ask? By directly working to meet the specific, often unique, needs of every destination. We didn’t want to make it more difficult on the broadcasters and impact the deliveries’ effectiveness, so we decided to work in and meet every one of the needs of each destination.

    This approach has allowed us to ensure our efforts work seamlessly with, and when possible, even complement the destination’s unique workflows. Our distinctive approach lets us be on the “inside” of the typical inbound workflows that most other delivery services use daily at several of our online destinations.

    [2] Make sure ‘Online’ statuses in your platform for destinations mean they’re actually directly connected.

    No destination is placed “online” within DMDS without firstly thoroughly testing to ensure viability and effectiveness before delivering a real effort for air use. By using this thorough approach, we are afforded both the ability to be immediate with our delivery efforts while reducing connection disconnects and related delays that can be seen when using other options.

    [3] Being smart – as a destination, you need more than an FTP folder.

    Our options to set up inbound deliveries from Yangaroo are many. We can accommodate all known connectivity models. Here’s just a few options to consider.

    Yangaroo’s V2 Manager

    If a broadcast station uses a catch server model, we install our robust “Yangaroo V2-Manager” desktop/server application within the destinations expected workflows. Here’s 10 highlights why this solution is a great way to connect and integrate into Yangaroo’s network:

    • Direct integration into the destination workflows
    • Ability to setup custom file naming concepts
    • Ties seamlessly to Yangaroo reporting keeping all in the loop
    • Easy web-based self-service re-pitching workflow
    • Ability to handle custom file naming setups as required
    • Small footprint serviced based app, easily installed on any PC
    • Secure user login credentials.
    • Regular updates are made available
    • Easy to install and maintain.
    • Free for all broadcasters.

    Cloud-based workflows

    We also set up broadcast stations using Amazon S3, Aspera, or Signiant cloud-based virtual workflows. Whether we deliver to physical servers at co-locations or on premise, or delivering to broadcasters cloud-based storage, we cater for it.

    Okay, FTP is your only option?

    We can set up an FTP workflow for those who need it, allowing access as required, or for those that have an FTP server, we can ensure assets are delivered as expected. Should a destination require direct links to assets or use of a proprietary upload concept, Yangaroo addresses all of those as well. Ultimately, our robust setup abilities and processes leveraged at Yangaroo make all delivery efforts easier on all involved.

    Broadcasters LOVE Yangaroo

    Yangaroo states, “100% footprint” for a reason. It is not because we know we have every destination possible within our network (in fact, new destinations can, and do, pop-up regularly). We state 100% because with our flexibility, options, processes leveraged and, most importantly, our professional and highly knowledgeable staff, we make it easy to set up destinations when needed that we can consider all online – even if they just started operations today. With our known expertise, many methods to connect into our delivery network show that broadcasters have come to LOVE Yangaroo. 

    As Jason H. Cornillaud, Manager, Commercial Technology of Commercial Operations over at ION Media Networks, said, “the Yangaroo Team is incredible to work with. Over the Years, Yangaroo been extremely helpful and spends as much time with me as I need to resolve any issue or concern I might have. I’m grateful for the fantastic working relationship we have with Yangaroo, and the top-notch customer service. I can’t say enough about these guys. Just super great to work with“.

    With broadcaster feedback like Jason’s, we are proud of what we have achieved and look forward to continual growth in this marketplace.

    Are you a broadcaster, publisher or a destination that doesn’t use Yangaroo but receives video advertising? Lets talk!

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