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    One-Time-Only delivery – making it easy

    It’s typical to expect that when you need a service, you’ve entered into a process that gets you signing up for an account. This process sometimes feels too long and a burden when all you want to do is send a TV spot to a broadcaster. So, what’s the solution?

    Time for you to relax and let Yangaroo work for you.

    The Express delivery

    We understand that not all senders initially require an account. In case you only need to send a spot every so often or if you’d like to give us a try to see if we dazzle you (spoiler alert, we will), Yangaroo offers a One-time-only (OTO) delivery service. It’s a quick and insanely easy, we’ll take care of everything for you.

    Mitch Conrad, Yangaroo’s Customer Solutions Manager, explains further how OTO’s can benefit you: “In our world of advertising delivery, there are two speeds – fast and faster.”

    No account necessary

    For those that need to shift into that next gear and haven’t yet worked with Yangaroo, our OTO order process is your savior. A typical new customer will go through speaking with our sales team to determine their needs and reach an agreement on how Yangaroo can best fill those requirements. But what if you have your spot ready to go, know precisely where it needs to be delivered to, and send it as quickly as possible? When you choose Yangaroo for that one-time delivery need, you will get fixed, competitive pricing, secure online payments, speedy delivery, and the opportunity to work with our exceptional client services team. We will provide a thorough quality check of your spot and ensure it’s delivered to the expected destination.

    Extra services on hand

    Need closed captioning or other post-production work? No problem, we’ve got you covered there! Our end-to-end solution closes the process off with providing you Proof of Delivery reporting. If any additional support at the station level is needed relating to your spot, we will fulfill that. It is a no-risk, easy way to see how Yangaroo can become your permanent advertising delivery vendor for future delivery and post-production jobs.”

    So, what are you waiting for? Go to our OTO webpage for further details, and let’s get your spot immediately delivered to the broadcaster.

    Click here to start your OTO Delivery today!

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