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    What is the difference between an ISCI and an Ad-ID filename?

    This is a good question as both ISCI (Industry Standard Commercial Identification) and AD-ID file naming both assist the broadcast industry to easily identify your spot across businesses. 

    What’s the difference?

    ISCI (Industry Standard Commercial Identification)

    File naming using the ISCI standard can be created by you during the production process however it is not protected from use by others in any way. So basically, you could create a file name that confirms to the ISCI standard and someone elsewhere could use the same file name for another spot. The overlap could confuse the broadcaster receiving files with the same name. (Guidelines are found here: https://yangaroo.com/guidelines/)

    The AD-ID standard ( which is a paid service) brings into the mix additional protection to retain file name uniqueness. AD-ID ensures no other AD-ID customer will use the ID you are assigned for each effort (*against all other AD-ID registered asset ID’s).

    All being said, file naming collisions are very infrequent due to the number of possible combinations of characters/numbers in an ID standard – but it is possible.

    Which one should I use?

    This is entirely your choice and depends on a number of factors in your management and frequency of spot deliveries.

    Should you choose to use the self-generated ISCI concept, and name your efforts with ID’s that are simply made up by you, please make sure you follow the guidelines listed here https://yangaroo.com/guidelines/).

    Should you choose to work with AD-ID (we’ve integrated into DMDS) you can either pay and create your own at:www.ad-id.org/ for use, or we can create an assigned Ad-ID for you (passing on the cost) and rename your uploaded spot/s.

    Contact [email protected] for further details.

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