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    Video Views by JC: Fontaines D.C. – Televised Mind

    To be released in full on July 31st, the title track off the EP A Hero’s Death emits a jaunty nihilism.  “Life aint always empty,” singer Grian Chatten declares between brusque drum strokes and harmonizing back up vocals, his flat-out lyrical delivery landing somewhere between early street-punk preacher Jim Carroll and post-punk contemporaries IDLES. Like Jim Carroll, the boys in the band released collections of poetry before turning to punk, drawing upon their experiences in local indie rock bands to form their distinctive sound. Inspired by Irish poets James Joyce and Yeats, the Dubliners discuss states of mind and perspective amidst the religious, political, and financial upheaval of their home town.

    Aiming right between the eyes of the modern experience while retaining a cool objectivism, the band’s first album Dogrel was quickly hailed as the saviour of post-punk. With enough shouty angst to satisfy the punkers and delicately biting lyrics belying the deep well from which the band draws their insights, Fontaines D.C. has enjoyed a critically acclaimed rise to fame. Newest track Televised Mind serves a similar cocktail of satisfyingly bitter musings, the psych rock track flexing the band’s musical range. The music video is a stripped back performance against a black background, providing just enough visual cues to give you a sense of the vibe – they mean business.

    Check out Televised Mind, and watch for the full album release of A Hero’s Death at the end of the month.