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    The 5 most common misconceptions about Yangaroo

    Working across the advertising and entertainment industries have Yangaroo mentioned by many folks. Whether it be managing deliveries in advertising and music or providing platforms for some of the most significant award shows in the world, we deal with many customers with different disciplines, backgrounds, and services. When we ask our customers and industry leaders who Yangaroo is, we get many varied answers. For the record, here are some clarifications about Yangaroo.

    #1 – Yangaroo is a Canadian publicly-traded company

    We know what you’re thinking – Yangaroo sounds Australian, right? We have a mob of kangaroos that are handed out at trade shows (and one seems to go walkabout, a lot – see photo below), and we have an Aussie President looking after our advertising division, Grant Schuetrumpf, who hears the reference all the time. Maybe it’s his accent that gets you thinking. So, it’s fair for you to believe we are an Australian company, but alas, we are not. Yangaroo originally came about on the play of replacing the ‘K’ with a ‘Y’ in Kangaroo to create a brand that was unique and memorable; it was as simple as that. So, what are we? Well, Yangaroo is a small public company on the Canadian Venture Stock Exchange, mostly providing services across North America – the most extensive advertising & entertainment market in the world. Interested in buying some stock? Check out our Investor Relations page for shareholder information >

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    Our mascot, Joey hanging out down
    at Bells Beach, Victoria, Australia
    Photo credit: Sarah Jackson Insta: @sjinoz

    #2 – Yangaroo does not have to be BIG to be successful

    We hear that we’re not very big. By comparison, Yangaroo sits next to some pretty big competitors that have had significantly higher investment and have run through the industry on acquisition trails. There are also some similar or smaller companies in the market that are building out partial networks. Size does not always mean you’re going to be successful. These competitors have the same issues every delivery company, large or small, are challenged with to ensure that services meet your expectations. The difference is what your customers think about you, their level of confidence, and trust in your services through experience by building in relevant technology alongside the best team of experts you can muster. That’s what makes you successful. Just ask our valued clients. They’ll be happy to tell you. Check out some more info about us here > 

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    #3 – Yangaroo’s delivery network is immense

    We’re told our network is limited. Our business growth has always come from organic growth to date. We have connected every broadcast network and local broadcaster throughout the USA and Canada, both across TV & radio. We have even built out some pretty unique destinations for longer-form video content, music track & video deliveries, and many outdoor and instore destinations, too! Our network continues to grow. Recently we expanded into Latin America, connecting the Pan Regional Cable channels and key broadcast hubs throughout the Central and South American markets. Yep, it’s immense and one of the largest in the industry.

    #4 – Yangaroo delivers more than just TV spots 

    We’re told we just deliver some TV spots. Yangaroo was born from the music industry, starting life embracing new technology and delivering music tracks, and later videos to radio and tv stations all around North America. From these early stages of success, the company launched into managing entertainment award shows. It is now considered the industry standard enterprise solution working with most of North America’s major awards shows. Shows such as The Grammys, The Emmys, The MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs), The Golden Globe Awards, and The BET Awards are just some that our platform manages. Then, we entered the advertising spot and video delivery market, building out services and networks to meet every market need. Today, we deliver music tracks, music videos, TV & radio spots, TV traffic instructions, TV Clearance submissions, TV promos, and episodic programming. To manage all these file types, we also have built-in every destination technical format to meet both traditional media, OTT, streaming, VOD broadcasting types, and internet and mobile publishing needs. 

    #5 – Yangaroo’s offices and locations are many

    We’re told we’re all in one facility, in Australia, somewhere maybe in the outback. Yangaroo has embraced the Work-From-Home (WFH) culture since before it was necessary, these days. We always talked about a business that could have a Work-From-Anywhere (WFA) culture, which in the most part is what we practice today! The company fully encourages remote work with the team. Our head office is in Toronto with staff throughout the USA in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, and Miami. We have a presence in Mexico and even an office in Ireland! Remote work enables the continued support of the company’s agility in both delivery platform and our continued support to staff. Check out our careers page for some additional benefits working for Yangaroo >


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