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    Watch Out Hollywood. There is a new vendor in town.

    Having historically worked with music and advertising content deliveries, Yangaroo has now entered the entertainment industry, providing a service to the studios ensuring trailer content and promos get to air throughout the USA and Canada.

    Emmelie Forsyth, who has years of experience in the service delivery market, is a consultant working with Yangaroo developing its business. Emmelie takes a view on why Yangaroo is a potential game-changer in this marketplace.

    When I agreed to work on this project with Yangaroo, I wanted to know how they were going to enter the movie studio market. Sure, they have a great heritage in the entertainment industry, and more recently, they are recognized for their growth in the advertising industry as well. Still, I soon realized they don’t sit around and rest on their laurels, nor their past achievements. They’re here to succeed and to ensure the success of their customers entrusting them with their content management and delivery needs.

    Grant Schuetrumpf, Yangaroo’s President of the Advertising division, is leading the charge to reshape the movie studio’s delivery vendor choice available to the entertainment industry. With his previous movie studio experience as a delivery vendor in Australia and New Zealand, Grant knew managing advertising and promo content for TV Networks, media, and creative agencies is somewhat different to working with studios. With movie releases, part of the movie release P&A budget requires trailer and theatrical video content to be churned and delivered throughout each market at a rapid rate, meeting the media deadlines, on time, every time.

    Grant and I discussed how a new vendor enters into this market. He said, “We researched, asked, and listened to the market, what their current experiences were, and what they would like to see moving forward. We determined the needs of the studios and the faster turnaround times required for new releases, the availability of content when it’s needed, and the ability to track and be notified that a trailer or promo has been successfully delivered. It’s an experience we knew very well, but we had to increase our service levels to meet the urgency and security needs in this market. “

    Yangaroo has the experience where it counts. The company has built out a dedicated team of experts that have accumulated over 100-years of service experience working with studios. Their backgrounds are impressive, having serviced every major film studio, distributor, and several impressive independent studios locally and abroad. Yangaroo knew how important it was to build a team of experts who know how to work with the studios.

    To increase Yangaroo’s service levels was to apply and complete the Trusted Partners Network (TPN). This assessment enables us to operate with studios as a fully qualified vendor. The TPN, a joint venture between the Motion Picture Association (“MPA”) and the Content Delivery & Security Association (“CDSA”), is a new, global, industry-wide film and television content protection initiative. The TPN program helps companies prevent leaks, breaches, and hacks of their customers’ movies and television content before their intended release. It also seeks to raise security awareness, preparedness, and capabilities within the film and television industry. So, it not only assists Yangaroo in entering the entertainment world but also leverages its current reputation within the advertising world.

     Why is this a big deal?

    Yangaroo is a young, dynamic, and agile company. It doesn’t operate like other vendors in the market. The company focuses, becomes a leader and expert in its field, and looks at different areas of the industry that is challenged. Yangaroo transformed the music delivery landscape. It also transformed the Entertainment Award Shows market and for the last 5-years has been diligently working away at mastering the ad delivery market. And now it’s time to take on Hollywood.

    The move into the entertainment industry is fascinating. With production having been halted, movie releases having stopped, and theaters having closed due to COVID, it seems odd to enter this market now. But that’s precisely how Yangaroo operates. Expect the unexpected.

    People are consuming content at a record rate due to lockdown. Home Entertainment divisions of studios are not resting. Streaming services are crushing all sorts of subscriber statistics in the USA and around the world. This is exactly the right time to be a vendor in the entertainment arena. 

    What are you waiting for?

    Yangaroo, as a new entrant, has some of the best rates in town, their customer service and attention to every detail is second to none. Give the team a call to find out how they can help with your next countrywide trailer release.

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