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    Yangaroo’s USP starts with its people and culture.

    Broadcast Advertising Delivery.  This business we engage in is both rewarding and challenging.  But what makes the difference in this tightly competitive space?

    As Pam Russomano, Yangaroo’s Director of Sales based in LA states, “I have worked in several post/distribution companies and inexplicably there would be tension across internal departments who were literally competitive with one other.  Sales staff would offer the world, without reaching out to client services or operations to see if what they just promised would be possible.   I have worked with client services teams who thought that sales team were not charging enough for what it would take to achieve that promise.  And I have had operations managers tell me that there’s “no way we can get that done in time” – arguing against both sales and service efforts.    These age-old territorial disputes bring division, not harmonious interactions.”

    So, what makes Yangaroo different? 

    After working with Yangaroo over the last 2-years, Pam is convinced it is Yangaroo’s culture, its people; those who manage our superior platform and process. And of course, great honest communication internally in support of one another.  

    Pam continues, “It has been said that every phone call, every email request, and order placed is a “sales” opportunity. And this is true, as any communication we have supports the clients who have entrusted us with their content delivery. This crosses all departments within our environment.  All three teams working together to achieve high end customer satisfaction.” 

    Every sales effort is a customer service moment.  

    Getting to the know clients and their expectations, understanding what workflows are required to offer creative solutions.  Staying informed and educated regarding innovations and industry trends. Assisting customers as they are faced with ever changing landscapes, and budgetary issues.

    Customer service is the front line of our day-to-day business. 

    Working in partnership with sales and account managers to confirm client requests procedurally, as well as making sure account setups are well defined within our platform for ease of use and efficiency.  Communicating with operations on functionality and capabilities ongoingly. 

    Operations teams are constantly listening to our sales and service groups.

    Resourcefully implementing all things supportive of client needs. They leave no stone unturned, moving quickly to find solutions for all known concerns.  Our Affiliates team works diligently with our Broadcasters to ensure they are informed and can manage inbound advertising and other assets to meet their media scheduling.

    Our mantra is and always has been customer-centric, and we are built to provide an exceptional experience at every level:

     ~ Dedicated Sales Teams, Top-Notch Customer Service, Great Operational Efficiency

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