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    Yangaroo Affiliates – advantages of working with us

    A great insight by our VP Operations, Todd Barkes into how we at Yangaroo look after the broadcasters and publishers getting them connected and ready to receive your advertising.

    “At Yangaroo we’ve taken a different approach to the affiliate (aka destinations) concepts than the majority of the other options in the ad delivery space, as rather than putting the burden on the destination to work with a small list of limited workflows or file selections, which often make it more difficult on the destinations and can impact the effectiveness of deliveries, Yangaroo has spent the last decade building out one of the best footprints in the North American Advertising distribution space by working to meet the specific, often unique, needs of the destination.  

    Yangaroo has achieved our footprint by properly working with each destination to fully understand the destination requirements and workflows as we work with them to onboard.  This approach has allowed us to ensure our efforts work seamlessly with, and when possible, even compliment the destinations unique workflows.  Our distinctive approach even allows us to be “inside” of the normal inbound workflows that most other delivery services use daily at several of our online destinations. 

    Here at Yangaroo, no destination is set to “online” for deliveries without full testing to ensure viability to ensure effectiveness prior to delivery of a real effort for use on air.  By using this thorough approach, we are afforded both the ability to be immediate with our delivery efforts and we also reduce the churn that can be found when using other options.  

    As far as our available options for destinations to setup inbound deliveries from Yangaroo, we can accommodate all main known models.   For example, if a station uses a catch server model, we have our robust Yangaroo V2 Manager that can be installed within the destinations expected concepts while adhering to their specifications.  Should the destination require Amazon S3, Aspera or Signiant workflows?  We work with all.  If FTP is the only available option? We can manage efforts on our FTP for those who need it, allowing access as required, or for those that have an FTP we can ensure assets are placed as expected.  Should a destination require direct links to assets or a use of a proprietary upload concept, Yangaroo addresses all of those as well.  Ultimately, our robust setup abilities and processes leveraged at Yangaroo make all delivery efforts easier on all involved.

    Yangaroo states 100% footprint for a reason, and it is not because we know we have every destination possible within our system (in fact, new destinations can, and do, pop-up regularly). We state 100% because, with our flexibility, options, processes leveraged, and most importantly, our professional and highly knowledgeable staff, we make it so easy to set up destinations when needed that we can consider all online – even if they just started operations today”.