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    The easiest way to get into the meditative state, Alan Watts instructs, is to begin by listening. Progressive Deep House producer Nox Vahn tames the wandering mind with fellow artist Marsh in their new collab Come Together.

    In the age of social distancing, the beat has changed, but life goes on. Amid the wash of one-dimensional choppy animations and green-screen compilations released as of late, the music video for Come Together is a sensory retreat. Envisioned and executed by Chilean-by-way-of-Britannia photographer and videographer Giovanny Estrella Talentti, the video is so hypnotic you’ll be surprised when the eight minute track is over. Illustrating the Extended Mix of Come Together, vintage nature footage is spliced into streaks of light and ink blots, film burns, and kaleidoscope images that gracefully transmute one another, drawing you deeper.

    The track samples popular Eastern philosopher Alan Watts in all of his guru glory. “I want you to listen to the sound of my voice just as if it were noise,” he intones, a subtle pitch shift warping his words. “You don’t have to try to understand anything.” Reverberating with a bass that invokes a stillness, the track is layered with ambient echoes that build to a practiced and perfected ecstatic peak. Nox Vahn’s progressive tilt allows his sound an emotive capacity that encompasses both aerial highs sinister lows- and is constantly evolving. Ever darker, deeper, and more sinister, he retains the uplifting touch that once fatefully caught the attention of electro legend Kaskade, and launched him on a trajectory that’s seen him most recently touring with Above & Beyond, and Lane 8.

    Check out Come Together, and take a journey of the mind while you still have the time.