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    Things Yaeji has got down:



    -you and me

    Late 20’s Dj-turned producer Yaeji just dropped her new full-length album WHAT WE DREW. The album’s title nods to the huge collaborative effort involved in producing her art, as seen in the music video for the single WAKING UP DOWN. Using Yaeji’s own designs and illustrations as a jumping off point under Annie Zhao’s direction and Studio Yotta’s animating power, the anime fever dream is as fresh as a pack of bleach wipes. WAKING UP DOWN follows Yaeji and her doggo sidekick through adventures in adulting, and they’re not alone. Aided by a literal bird getting the worm and ‘Lotta Chex’, a dominatrix running down the itinerary with whip-cracking precision, the video is a hilariously accurate reflection of generalized Gen Z anxiety.

    Yaeji calls WHAT WE DREW a mixed tape intentionally, each track a stand alone piece reflecting a small part of Yaeji’s life. As a New York born Korean, she’s spent large portions of her time divided between Seoul, Atlanta and Long Island, a unique perspective that becomes immediately apparent through her super chilled lyrical style which flows through English and Korean with effortless cool- like the refrain in WAKING UP DOWN which evolves with repetitive progression into a surprisingly addictive groove. Yaeji makes neuroticism cool again. Found your new grocery shopping in a pandemic jam!