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    “Christmas is a drag sometimes,” Dallon Weekes croons while wearing a string light noose and definitely nailing this whole spirit-of-the-season thing.

    December has arrived, and Christmas carols are playing though PA systems, car radios, and your favourite dive bar sound system. Your radio station has forgotten the importance of variety in their undying enthusiasm for seasonal jingles, and you’ve heard that one song three times today alone. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, some former emo kids put together a holiday album to add to the din.

    New wave indie rockers I Don’t Know How But They Found Me (let’s call it IDKHow and call it day, yeah?) have released a flippant little darling of a Holiday EP that won’t leave your party playlist even if you wish it would. The surprise release comes from former Panic! At the Disco bassist Weekes and his collab partner on the drums Ryan Seaman. A relatively new invocation, the duo started as a side project of Weekes while he was still in Panic!, and the duo only released their first full album last year after gathering significant hype playing secret shows for fans since 2016.

    Christmas Drag is one of a three part music video set, one for each song on the album including Merry Christmas Everybody and Oh Noel. All three music videos share a singular vision, specializing in what the band cheekily refers to as their “hipster nonsense” aesthetic. In purposeful standard def and adorably ugly sweaters, these moody boys are prepared to roll their eyes and sigh through the guitar solo – and the season – so you don’t have to. Joyeaux Noël!