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    Top Downloads and Most Active Indies – Wk of Nov 11, 2019

    Top Downloads:


    1. Carrie Underwood “Drinking Alone” (Capitol Nashville/Universal)
    2. Ozzy Osbourne “Under the Graveyard” (Epic/Sony)
    3. Michael Bublé “White Christmas” (Warner)
    4. The Washboard Union “Country Thunder” (Warner)
    5. Dua Lipa “Don’t Start Now” (Warner)
    6. George Michael “This is How (We Want You To Get High)” (Virgin EMI/Universal)
    7. Ria Mae with Dan Talevski “Too Close” (Sony)
    8. The Beaches “Want What You Got” (Universal)
    9. SHAED “Thunder” (Photo Finish/Universal)
    10. Good Lovelies “Little Saint Nick” (Fontana/RPMpromo)

    Top Downloads are the most downloaded Singles during the given period.

    Most Active Indies:


    1. Good Lovelies “Little Saint Nick” (Fontana/RPMpromo)
    2. Delaney Jane “Safe With You” (DirtyPrettyThings/DMD Promo)
    3. AJR “Dear Winter 2.0” (Ultra/DMD Promo)
    4. Dan Davidson “Church” (DDM/Sharp 9 Promo)
    5. Claire Ness “Your Christmas Time” (Indie/L. Tutty Promo)
    6. Ali & Theo “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” (Slaight)
    7. Jess Moskaluke “Country Girls” (MDM/Dale Speaking Promo)
    8. Jonathan Roy “Just Us” (Indie/Frontside Promo)
    9. Julian Austin “Christmas Was Born” (Bulldacious/L. Tutty Promo)
    10. Chris Ising “Stoplight” (Indie)

    Most Active Indies are the most streamed and downloaded Singles during the given period on releases not directly promoted to radio by any of the major record companies.