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    Cosynd Partners With Distribution Platform YANGAROO

    Cosynd is partnering with YANGAROO Music, the provider of DMDS, a digital asset distribution platform serving broadcasters and tastemakers. The partnership will bring Cosynd’s powerful set of easy-to-use, copyright-related tools to creatives on YANGAROO. As part of the collaboration, Cosynd will provide the YANGAROO creator community with discounted access to an affordable suite of copyright-related agreements, such as split sheets, work for hire agreements, and producer agreements, that can be negotiated, redlined, and signed, all within Cosynd’s collaborative deal room.

    Cosynd will also offer YANGAROO users an easy and seamless way to register copyrights with the U.S. Copyright Office. In minutes and for a fraction of what it typically costs to register with other services, creators will be able to answer a simple, guided questionnaire that provides Cosynd with all of the information needed to process and file registration applications on behalf of YANGAROO’s users.

    Without the basic copyright ownership agreements in place, collaborators that created a copyright can have an equal claim of ownership and rights, regardless of the size of their contribution. Misunderstandings between collaborators can lead to a slew of legal issues including improper exploitation of copyrights and unpaid royalties. To date, an estimated $2.5 billion dollars’ worth of “black box” royalties have gone unclaimed, because of a lack of available ownership data. Creators seeking to resolve matters of ownership and infringement originating in the U.S. are ineligible to file lawsuits unless they have registered with the U.S. Copyright Office, a requirement that was recently mandated by the U.S. Supreme Court.

    “We are thrilled to partner with YANGAROO, Canada’s dominant digital distributor, by offering their creator community a more user-friendly process to registering their work with the U.S. Copyright office,” says Cosynd founder and CEO Jessica Sobhraj. “Combined with the simple copyright ownership agreements that we offer, our partnership will provide YANGAROO’s creators with a fast and affordable way to protect all of their assets – from music to video and everything in between”

    “We’re constantly working to provide our independent and unsigned artists the information and tools required to make it in music,” says Adam Hunt, SVP Entertainment, YANGAROO Inc. “Cosynd has solved the need for a quick and affordable way to legally protect artists’ assets, and we’re very pleased to be able to provide such a critically important solution to this fast-growing segment of creators.”