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    Manchester native and comer-upper Harrison Armstrong is bringing a cheeky charm to the UK rap game.

    Like so many young musicians, Aitch (name taken from the first letter of his name) planted the seeds of his fandom on Youtube. His style reflects his roots, a schoolyard rapper with a jumpy flow. Recently hitting a million followers, this lyrical larrikin has been gathering steam after a slew of releases the past few months, including boppy collab Strike a Pose and breakout hit Taste. He capped off the summer with a cameo in Ed Sheeran’s all English fronted Take Me Back To London, solidifying himself as a British icon on the international stage – big leagues for a UK rapper.

    The music video for Buss Down has a laid-back feel, complimenting the energetically verbose tale of a young Casanova working his best angles. Music video director Darnell DePradine took inspiration from Baz Luhrmann’s 2013 film adaptation of The Great Gatsby, styling the video in a smokey prohibition era gangster aesthetic.

    Buss Down is a steady grind, ZieZie holding it together with a smooth chorus that doesn’t wear on the ear, a welcome contrast to Aitch’s punctuated cheeky lyricals delivered in his distinctive Mancunian accent. The fact that Aitch is only 19 isn’t lost on his female fan base. With tracks that feature lyrics flexing larger than his burgeoning reputation and all the inflated confidence of a teen, he’s often called things like “cute” and “adorable” by fans, gifting him with a disarming charm that makes his slangy raps extra fun. Aitch will have you saying yeah yeah yeah yeah before you know it, brudda.