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    iyla doesn’t want an apology.

    Maintaining some uncomfortable eye contact on the stairs of a doll house while sporting a comically large rose as a hat is the as-of-yet relatively unknown siren iyla. The camera creeps toward her with eerie precision when a horror score breaks the stillness and she’s barfing daisies with impressive projection. Before you can say “exorcist, please,” a delicate trip hop beat surfaces under her soft vocals, and a barrage of pastel images bombard the eyes.

    Channeling a particular nature-loving Batman villainess by way of surrealist cinema and ending up a haute couture dream is no small feat, but iyla has an imposing presence. A play on the old adage to be careful what you wish for, Flowers has her devouring entire rooms of chocolate and swimming in seas of roses until she’s drowning in them. An apparent commentary on the stereotype that women welcome material gifts in the stead of genuine affection, she doesn’t seem much interested in empty gestures.

    They’re pretty and all, but I’m scarred by the thorns on those Flowers

    F*** flowers

    What flowers?

    Flowers is the third music video release from last year’s EP War + Raindrops, all three videos achieving new levels of daydream aesthetic with the assistance of art director and cinematographer Patrick “Embryo” Tapu. Together they achieve a distinct vision, one as unsettling as it is playful. Not one to rush perfection, the EP was five years in the making, but iyla assures fans she’s already back in the studio planning to release some new material before the end of the year. Here’s to hoping her unique vision continues to blossom.