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    Back after a two year hiatus, Big Baby DRAM has some soul to spare with The Lay Down.

    DRAM has put some mileage down since his 2016’s breakout hit Broccoli with Lil Yachty. Though the trap track garnered international attention, his sound has taken a steady expedition deep into his R&B roots since. Setting the tone in an all white suit, DRAM’s fervent lyrics seem to echo off the walls of a laser adorned underwater cave. Special guest H.E.R. drops in on a crescent moon to lend some vocal aerials while Red Hot Chilli Peppers drummer Chad Smith carries the beat, and Pino Palladino sets the groove on bass. 

    Bad vibrations from my phone

    Can’t blow my high on airplane mode

    My services belong to you

    The signal’s strong, we set the mood

    The Lay Down arrives in a time when soul is hard to find. While most artists are optimizing their music for repeat streams by cutting back song lengths, this slick R&B throwback blesses us with a real, honest to goodness minute-and-a-half guitar solo by WATT that will mellow your spine a little, praise up. So lay down next to your record player and turn the lights low, because The Only 1 D.R.A.M. is here to take your mind off it all.