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    When Terry Crews sings, the whole world sings with him. Or with Brittany Howard, anyway. The music video for Stay High is cruising on it’s own wave, but you’re welcome to come along for the ride.

    Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes fame has decided to go her own way. Leaving Shakes fans with baited breath on the release of a follow up album to 2015’s Sound & Color, Howard announced her intentions to release a solo album where she was free to experiment with her own sense of artistic control last year. While her debut album Jamie is set to be released in September, new release Stay High is here to herald it’s approach. As the first few notes of bass and piano touch down, it’s hard not to be transported. “Soulful” doesn’t really do the track justice, but it’s a start.

    So, don’t question my state of mind

    I’m doing wonderful, just fine, thank you

    (Thank you)

    The video opens with none other than Mr. Terry Crews starring as an unsung hometown hero punching out for the day after a long shift. As he floats away from his familiar workplace and drifts into a town on an average summer evening that happens to fall on a weekday, a sense of his routine becomes palpable. From the rhythm of his hard hat rocking in the cab of his truck to the dinging bells of a grocery store checkout aisle, everyone and everything in his line of sight falls into an orchestrated tempo led by his own state of mind. Ordinary people doing ordinary things suddenly take on a whole new meaning in this joyful take on the commonplace. Dedicated to Howard’s own father and shot in her hometown of Athens, Alabama, Stay High is an invitation to enjoy what’s already in front of you – and if anyone could make the old new again, it’s Brittany Howard.