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    Multiple hit wonder Meghan Trainor teams up with electro house legend Kaskade to create their own utopia in spacey summer fling With You. 

    It’s been five years since Trainor’s breakout track All About That Bass was released and went on to become synonymous with her name. She’s abandoned much of her previous style in this new release, including her penchant for incorporating retro inspiration. No doo-wop elements can be found in With You. The house track is a teaser for her full length upcoming album Treat Myself, so fans will have to wait and see if Trainor has reinvented herself completely for an EDM audience. The collaboration is a fresh take on Trainor’s upbeat pop energy, featuring introspective lyrics that keep in stride with Kaskade’s brand of emotive dance anthems.

    With You is animated by the increasingly recognizable Robin Eisenberg, an illustrator on her way to saturating the contemporary zeitgeist with her iconic space girl aesthetic. Her unique female-centric sci-fi style is at home in a number of clothing and lifestyle brands including Thrasher and Vans, and animation credits under her name appear on Chelou’s music video Out of Sight and a video for Hayley Kyoko. The video for With You follows a misdirected space traveller wandering on a lonely planet after a close call with some dangerous types. Kaskade and Trainor show up to save the day before things get too desolate, and supply an otherwise barren landscape with some much-needed rainbows to form a perfectly acceptable EDM Paradise. It’s a match made in the stars.