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    Is there anything worse than going out to eat only to get a call just as the food arrives?

    Tove Lo has gone and done a 180. While 2014’s breakout hit Habits (Stay High) had the Swedish singer pining over a cataclysmic breakup by dosing herself with various substances, new release Glad He’s Gone takes a fresh perspective. Known for writing brazenly autobiographical music about loving and losing, Tove Lo has plumbed the depths of her experience to produce some of the most tragic Electropop ever written. Glad He’s Gone is more comical catharsis than melodrama, and Tove Lo isn’t focused on herself this time.

    Bitch I love you, he never loved you

    (…) Never no tears for that sucker

    (Better off, I’m glad that he’s gone)

    There’s very little more relatable than going through a breakup- except helping a friend through one of course. Frilly acoustic guitar chords compliment a beat bubbling with effervescent optimism while heartfelt lyrics jump with empathy through bursts of expletives. The music video for Glad He’s Gone has Tove Lo offering sober advice and counsel through the phone all while running with horses, trotting on trains and going quite literally to the ends of the earth for those she loves most. After all, what is a good relationship if not the willingness to step away from perfectly good pasta for a friend in need?