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    Oliver Tree is dead (again).

    A master of abrupt endings, the music video for Miracle Man enjoyed a viral release last week only to have Tree announce his final tour. Though he’s has been producing his peculiar electro-punk-rap-rock mix since 2010, he only gained mainstream notoriety two years ago. This may be an untimely end for the rising cult pop star, but fans might not find it to be an surprising one.

    Tree delights in finding new and inventive ways to meet his demise. In the music video for Hurt he falls from a hearse and spills from his coffin to have his head blown off by an artillery tank. He’s been dropped from buildings, enjoyed a crucifixion on a float sized scooter, and endured countless car wrecks. In latest release Miracle Man he survives surgery, a corner store stick up, and a falling piano before getting obliterated by a speeding ambulance. 2019’s Fuck saw Oliver fighting a cardboard cutout of himself while trashing a room decorated in his image with a chainsaw. For someone who employs such a carefully constructed caricature as a public front, Tree is fixated on destroying his own visage.

    Your whole life, I tried and now I’m getting older

    Your whole life, I tried and now I’m getting closer

    His tracks feature self-depreciating, antagonistic verses often revolving around confrontation- whether directed toward himself or others remains ambiguous. Miracle Man’s animated rock beat overlays lyrics that read like a one-sided argument. Finishing at two minutes, the delivery is a slapstick bit. Having written and directed sketch comedy videos for Barstool Sports, fuckjerry, and WorldStarHipHop, there’s no telling where Oliver Tree will take his surreal satirical creations next, but his resurrection is a forgone conclusion.