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    She hangs upside down on a chair in the middle of a white room. “Allo, bonjour,” she coos, knocking on the television screen. And just like that, you’re in Betta Lemme’s world.

    The second breakout hit for the multilingual and multi-instrumentalist musician Betta Lemme intends to get that booty moving. Play is nostalgically reminiscent of iconic pop music videos of the early aughts. From the confines of a flatscreen television, the twenty-six year old singer capers around a monochromatic room, mugging to the fisheye lens. Watching with slack jawed awe and enthusiastic delight is none other than the authentically anarchistic YouTube influencer Emilia Fart. Her glaring presence immediately adds an element of niche interest and heavyweight weirdo credibility to what might otherwise be mistaken for a run of the mill pop music video. In her cult leader apparel with one hand in a pizza box, Emilia breathlessly follows along to Lemme’s every word.

    I didn’t get your name, love

    I feel so out of place


    I don’t usually come to parties

    If she would sit still long enough, you might recognize Betta Lemme from 2016’s jungle-pop hit Awoo, a collaboration with fellow dance music darling SOFI TUKKER. Lemme, a Montreal born New Yorker, has released a steady stream of singles in a blend of English, French and Italian since. A light and wild departure from her previously released old-world influenced work, Play showcases Betta Lemme’s diversity as she takes on Euro-Dance with offhanded glee. The lighthearted tone gives way as the heart thumping bop advances, so you might want to pack your body glitter for this one. It’s la-la-la-la-la.