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    VIDEO VIEWS BY JC: Gesaffelstein & Pharrell Williams – Blast Off

    Gesaffelstein is used to the dark.

    The producer and Dj best known for sinister electronic music plays in the shadows with new album Hyperion. Ironically taking it’s name from the god of heavenly light, Hyperion is a pushing off point for Gesaffelstein as the first album released since signing with Columbia last year, and it’s proving to be a divisive one.

    The second single off the album, Blast Off, propels itself fearlessly in a new direction by interweaving previous techno influences into a fresh, albeit more accessible pop form. The driving 80’s inspired electro track peaks with Pharrell rapping in a robotic monotone that offsets the progressive beat, and epitomizes an ideal balance between Gesaffelstein’s older work and this new, polished presentation. Although other big name collaborations from The Weekend and Haim arrive on the album to make the transition to pop stardom easier, Hyperion has nonetheless drawn criticism from purists loyal to Gesaffelstein’s earlier industrial influenced work.

    Meanwhile this past weekend in Coachella, Gesaffelstein became the first ever performer to use the darkest material on earth- Vantablack- in his stage performance. A giant monolith was spray painted with the extremely rare, lab created material to cast the illusion of an abyss over confused and awed onlookers. Playing a set blended with both new and old work, Gesaffelstein reminds us that going in a new direction is the best way to push boundaries.