• Music Insights

    Top Downloads & Most Active Indies – Week of Mar. 6th

    Top Downloads:

    1. Lorde “Green Light” (Universal)
    2. The Lumineers “Angela” (Dine Alone/Canvas Promo)
    3. Wintersleep “Freak Out” (Dine Alone/Canvas Promo)
    4. High Valley “I Be U Be” (Warner)
    5. The Road Hammers “Crazy About You” (Open Road)
    6. James Barker Band “Chills” (Universal)
    7. Dani Strong “Wild One” (Indie/RPMpromo)
    8. Ruth B. “Superficial Love” (Sony)
    9. The Chainsmokers f. Coldplay “Something Just Like This” (Sony)
    10. Brett Eldredge “Somethin’ I’m Good At” (Warner)

    Top Downloads are the most downloaded Singles during the given period.

    Most Active Indies:

    1. The Lumineers “Angela” (Dine Alone/Canvas Promo)
    2. Wintersleep “Freak Out” (Dine Alone/Canvas Promo)
    3. Adam Baldwin “Rehtaeh” (Sonic/RPMpromo)
    4. Dani Strong “Wild One” (Indie/RPMpromo)
    5. The Road Hammers “Crazy About You” (Open Road)
    6. Virginia To Vegas “Selfish” (Wax/DMD Promo)
    7. One Bad Son “Raging Bull” (604/RPMpromo)
    8. Ryan Evans “All Over Daytona” (Indie/R. Chubey Promo)
    9. Zack Lane “Take It Easy On Me” (Indie/RPMpromo)
    10. Karl Wolf “Wherever You Go” (Cordova Bay/Frontside Promo)

    Most Active Indies are the most streamed and downloaded Singles during the given period on releases no directly promoted to radio by any of the major record companies.