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    Top 8 Reasons to Meet Up with YANGAROO at Response Expo

    1. Response Expo is yet again in sunny San Diego, California. We love this city and know some great spots. Let us show you a couple of our favorites – first round’s on us!
    2. We are constantly exceeding expectations from our direct response customers. Nothing handles it as quickly and efficiently as our cloud-based YANGAROO platform.
    3. We’ve told you before, and we’ll say it again: you don’t have to deal with the B.S. Send your content without jumping through hoops and a cluttered procedure. It’s simple, with YANGAROO you get: No B.S. ad delivery.
    4. There are many ways to send your ad content and chances are you are already set up to send with YANGAROO and ready to go. Let us show you first-hand the benefits of sending with us versus the other guys. The grass really is greener on the other side when it comes to our ad delivery. And we’ll show you that green, literally, by saving you 40% – 60% in delivery costs over other providers.
    5. Our team is pretty cool. Maybe we’re biased, but you can judge for yourself. Meet Lisa Urgola, Estrella Pavez, and Craig Skrzypecki, who will each be attending the Expo.
    6. We have what the others don’t. Proof of Delivery report? Yeah, we have it. Excellent customer service? Check. The fastest, most secure and reliable ad delivery? Yup. That’s us.
    7. Technology that’s trusted not only by many advertisers, but also powers some of the biggest awards shows on the planet (ever heard of The GRAMMYs?) and handles the delivery of music and videos for the top names in the music industry (think MTV).
    8. You can now send long-form video with us. Infomercials, short films, music videos – all done on the same system that you send a standard 30 second clip on. We can handle it all.

    Schedule a meeting with our team at Response Expo to get the full YANGAROO Experience.