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    Vegas Bound for NAB Show

    When you go to Vegas, the stakes are high. You are playing a game of chance, odds, and luck. Will you double down to go home with nothing or better yet strike it big?

    When it comes to sending ad content, you do not want to gamble on whether or not your content gets delivered to its destination in the proper format, on time, or even at all! Sure, you may get a Delivery Confirmation Report (DCR), but that only proves that your distribution provider has sent your asset to a destination – and stops there – only confirming that they have sent it.

    Our ad distribution platform takes delivery success one step further, providing Proof of Delivery (POD) reports, which confirm your assets have been sent with a date and time stamp as well as the name of the person who received the asset at each the destination. It’s like a signature confirmation when you send a package. Wouldn’t you rather know that your asset got there and was signed for at the destination rather than just assuming your spot will be delivered and aired as intended?

    POD reports not only provide better visibility and control, but are just one more way that we are making ad delivery workflows smarter, faster and more efficient. After all, your valuable ad content shouldn’t be a matter worth gambling.

    Come demo the YANGAROO platform and see the POD report in person at the 2016 NAB Show in Las Vegas, April 16-21, 2016. Todd Barkes, Biren Bharucha, and Craig Skrzypecki will be holding down the YANGAROO base as part of the AMWA Booth #SU16013. Connect with the team ahead of time to schedule a time to experience YANGAROO one-on-one or stop by while on the tradeshow floor.