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    Proof of Delivery Takes the Cake

    A Delivery Confirmation Report (DCR) is great, but a Proof of Delivery Report (POD) takes the cake!  What sets these two reports apart and why is one providing more assurance in action than the other?

    You send emails every day to several people all over the country, and maybe even the world. If you’re anything like the average human being, you assume that the computer ethers did their duty correctly; managing not only to send your important email to the place it was directed, but assuring that it was received, read, and rendered useful to the recipient. However, we never really know if that email ever gets to its intended destination and is read by the receiver unless we hear back from that person.

    There are of course modern work-arounds to this situation and others, like read receipts for emails and texts or delivery confirmations and signed receipts on packages. So shouldn’t there also be the same confirmation services for the delivery and receipt of your advertising content?

    Sending is the easy part. It’s the receipt of the content that is the crucial end-product. What good is knowing the content is delivered if you never know it’s been received? YANGAROO’s Proof of Delivery report allows you to be notified when your content not only makes it to its destination but that the receiver has taken action with that content.

    When we process your order, we send a postdate receipt, confirming the delivery. Then, depending on what action the destination takes, we stamp the name of who took the action and notify you. Depending on the user setup, there are several variables and potential processes in the workflow, resulting in an assortment of actions and stamps that could occur. Additionally, on orders with traffic instructions, a Traffic Confirmation Report is generated.

    Get more than just a delivered notification – get assurance of action with YANGAROO’s ad delivery platform.