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    Ad Delivery Made Simple

    Often the delivery of an ad is an afterthought; more emphasis is put on the production stage of creative and where it will air. While justifiable, there’s nothing worse than investing heavily in that creative to see it air incorrectly: cut-off with poor sound or worse, missed entirely because it didn’t get there on time. Granted, some of those issues are out of the hands of the media agency, but ensuring successful ad delivery should never be an afterthought or an overlooked step in post-production.

    Delivering that ad is a lot like transporting precious cargo. How it is delivered can maximize the value of the creative and make for a more efficient operation for both the senders and receivers from start to finish.

    When content is not delivered correctly the back-and-forth between senders and receivers and the need to resend content can be time consuming, stressful, and costly. Finding an ad delivery partner who makes it simple is imperative. Such a partner will not only provide the means to send ad content quickly, securely, and efficiently, but it will enhance the operational efficiency at-large.

    What to look for an ad delivery partner:

    Do they have reach?
    Reach is perhaps one of the most paramount characteristics to look for in a valuable ad delivery partner. What does their footprint look like, i.e. what broadcast and cable destinations do they reach? Do they reach all of your target audience or will you have to use multiple systems? Using an ad delivery partner that not only reaches the masses, but does so in an efficient and effective way is mission-critical. Many destinations have their own unique format so using an ad delivery partner who has partnered with the destination to ensure ad content is delivered in the required format per the destination is also key.

    Do they provide customer service?
    Customer service can set apart an ad delivery software provider. It is becoming more and more of a deciding factor for those shopping for the right platform with which to send their content, yet many of these companies have subpar customer service. Characteristics of excellent customer service include 24/7 tech support, a knowledgeable and industry-savvy tech support team, easy access to F.A.Q.s and detailed guidelines on multiple platforms, as well as the ability to access a live person quickly.

    What about the technology?
    Most ad delivery platforms’ performance is under the hood, so it requires putting your trust in them that their technology will perform the way they say it should. Things to inquire about include security, speed, as well as production services offering. Being able to capitalize on additional production services, such as encoding, transcoding, and closed-captioning in one system makes for a more efficient workflow.

    YANGAROO is an ad delivery provider with an extensive footprint of over 16,000 destinations in North America, including 100% reach into Canada. The patented YANGAROO platform is encrypted to provide secure movement of content. It further offers an array of production services, as shown below and is fast and very cost-effective. When it comes to accuracy of the delivery, here is what one destination customer had to say: “YANGAROO accurately delivers content 98% of the time in our network. The next nearest competitor only has an 85% success rate.” -CBS Network Engineering