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    Driving Efficiencies for Small Ad Agencies

    Big risk; big reward. It’s the proven phrase when it comes to almost everything. You go out on a limb and you can be compensated with great fortune. With this in mind, you’ll do all you can to minimize potential risk so that you can survive another day and work your way to your big reward.

    Small advertising agencies often overcome big challenges that their larger competitors make look like the tiniest of bumps in the road, given their financial resources. But for the small agencies, these bumps can become deep crevices that can make or break their success further down the highway. For agencies with an employee headcount in the double digits, the means to which to send ad content to many destinations can be costly, time-consuming, and inefficient. While larger agencies may have deep connections with destination sites, deep pockets, and a deep roster within their departments to handle such complications, it can be a mild headache for the smaller agencies.

    YANGAROO has been working with advertising agencies of all sizes for years to develop the best solution to distributing advertising content to over 16,000 destinations in North America. Putting in place several steps to help mitigate errors and increase efficiencies, such as superior customer service and quality assurance methods, YANGAROO serves as a personal extension to any agency, ensuring that content is sent quickly, securely, and in a cost-effective manner. Having a partner to rely on when it comes to efficient content management and distribution is fundamental to success whether small or large. Are you ready to put your trust in YANGAROO?

    Susan Aitkin will be attending AdAge’s Small Ad Agency Conference in Boston on July 29th.

    Learn more about how YANGAROO works with small ad agencies everyday by contacting Susan.