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    Awards Show Management has Gone Digital

    The following is an excerpt published by the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television (ACCT):

    When you think of the awards show season you think red carpet, glamor, and gowns. The hype is typically surrounding who’s wearing what, who’s nominated, who’s performing, hosting, and ultimately, who wins. The real question that most people don’t often think about is, ‘What went into the awards show so far to even get to that point?’

    In the last decade alone, there’s been a huge shift for the way that awards shows handle their submissions, nominations, and voting process. Let’s take the GRAMMY Awards® for instance. The GRAMMY voters, comprised of recording industry executives, leaders, visionaries, labels, and artists, among others, vote on the best of the best in the recording industry. Together there are over 13,000 voters, who in the past, each received their slate of nominees to vote from on CD. Additionally, each submission had to be duplicated, packaged, and mailed to each and every voter which made for a very non-environmentally-friendly process. Furthermore, the amount of time and money spent on such tedious processes were inefficient and welcomed errors.

    Since 1999, YANGAROO has been successfully managing and distributing audio and video files to radio and television destinations globally via their patented cloud-based platform. In 2009, Canada’s JUNO Awards approached YANGAROO to see if there was a way to digitize their entire awards show operations. They wanted to move away from the antiquated, manual system they were using, which, just like the GRAMMYs involved physical CD submissions and the need to duplicate and mail thousands of them to Academy members for review. The labor-intensive process further entailed choosing nominees, distributing paper ballots by mail or fax and counting votes manually. It was very expensive, time consuming, subject to vote manipulation, and wasn’t secure or eco-friendly.

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