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    Why should you choose YANGAROO as both your partner and solution for managing and delivering content?

    We have the top 10 reasons here!

    1. Cloud-based access

    Our platform is in the cloud so you can access and send what you need from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

    2. Easy upload

    Uploading content is a cinch. Just a couple of clicks and you’re on your way to getting your large files off to where they need to be.

    3. Quick send

    Users can choose from multiple speed options to ensure their content gets to its destination on time and quickly.

    4. Super secure

    The patented encrypted technology within our platform ensures that the content is safe and sound pretty much like Fort Knox.

    5. Environmentally friendly

    We take great pride in the fact that our technology is considered the green approach to content delivery. No trucks, no packaging, no waste – just clean and efficient content delivery.

    6. Superior 24/7 Service

    Our service team is not only comprised of technical domain experts who have a deep understanding of the workflows at hand, but their service with a smile attitude is available 24/7.

    7. Cost-effective

    Leveraging our cloud-based platform automates more than a dozen manual tasks, which generates workflow efficiency and in turn provides a 40-60% cost savings.

    8. Required format functionality

    Content is sent in the necessary format required per destination (there are over 400 unique formats and 16,000 destinations).

    9. International footprint

    The International footprint consists of over 16,000 broadcast and cable stations and networks, cable systems and syndication outlets.

    10. Open architecture

    The platform provides multiple options for integration, based on the customer’s workflow.

    Why not?

    Why not? Start sending high quality audio and video content now, you have nothing to lose.
    Contact [email protected] to get started.